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Kevin Davidson: The Property Angel

Founder and CEO

Why did you attend Scotland Can Do SCALE?

I wanted to be able to listen to the world class speakers who deliver the school programme, but I also wanted to network with entrepreneurs who are in a similar place and encountering the same issues and problems as I do. It can be a very lonely place, being an entrepreneur, and it’s great to see a lot of them growing – some of them faster than my own company – but that’s something I actually take heart from, because it shows we’re on the right track.

It’s a real community and everyone shares their knowledge. That’s a real strength of Scotland Can Do SCALE – you get so much more than just the initial summer school course, with all the alumni and refresher days.

Key takeaways from the event?

The nature of property buying and selling means that it can be six or seven years, or even longer, between a house being bought and then sold on again. The event really made me think about how we treat those long-term users and keep them engaged.

Another big takeaway was that sometimes you have to really take your time and do your research on where your primary market lies. For example, we were initially going to try and demystify the first-time buyer process and have that as our main business focus. We tested this and discovered it wasn’t actually our primary market. So, it’s really about honing what you do and finding your market first of all.

Being fully immersed with fellow entrepreneurs for three full days was hugely beneficial to me. The network was ultimately what I took the most from the experience, and I’m still in touch with a number of them now.

How have you implemented key learnings?

As a Proptech/Fintech company, we are now in the process of implementing clever solutions to ensure that we are keeping in touch with our users throughout the property lifetime, not just at the time they’re buying or the time they’re selling. We’re going to be rolling this out in the next 18 months.

By carefully implementing the steps set out in the Scotland Can Do SCALE programme, we now have a strategy planned out for the next few years. We have an advisory board in place, and a roadmap in place which begins with rolling The Property Angel out in two UK locations this year, followed by 20 more UK locations next year. We have global aspirations too and will start rolling out to our first international locations in 2021.

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