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Gail Bryden: JustBe Botanicals


Why did you attend Scotland Can Do SCALE?

I founded JustBe Botanicals in 2009 with a range of aromatherapy massage oils. Over the years the range developed to offer something for each of the senses. I had created a multiple award winning range and wanted to understand the steps required to scale, as I had established a strong business base, but growth plateaued. I was too busy working in my business, rather than on it.

A friend attended the Scotland Can Do SCALE programme in 2016 and highly recommended applying, as it had changed mindset and approach to business.

Key takeaways from the event?

Spending time with businesses with similar goals under the mentorship of Bill Aulet (Managing Director of Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship) and Noam Wasserman (Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California) – two world leaders in entrepreneurship, was inspiring. It’s an opportunity to evaluate your motivations and approach. The mix of theory with real life case studies reinforced the key principles. There’s also plenty of opportunities to network with other business owners – which led me to finding a new manufacturer for my aromatherapy chocolates.

During the three days, I achieved clarity of what was required to achieve scale and a sense of empowerment to make it happen!

How have you implemented key learnings?

ince attending the course, I was invited to attend a talk by someone within the skincare industry, who’s subsequently agreed to be my mentor. She’s a perfect fit for my business and we’re currently considering outside investment – something that I didn’t feel ready for prior to SCALE.

I’ve had a successful period of trading, with new listings, improved manufacturing, potential new collaborations and the Can-Do mindset shift. The company’s back into double digit growth, and I’m now in a position to start building my team.

I would highly recommend Scotland Can Do SCALE. It’s was a game-changer for me and business.

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